The Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica

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The Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica

Becoming a member of the IMAJ is an important step to joining a professional association that advocates and promotes issues for members of the construction, engineering and architectural industry. The criteria for Ordinary Membership is that the Company has to be registered under the Companies Law for a minimum of three (3) years. An application form has to be completed and accepted by the Executive Council of the Association. The above criteria regarding the Companies Law is not required for Associate Membership, but an Application Form has to be completed and submitted to the Executive Council.

applyonlineBecoming A Member

We have three categories of membership. Please click on the appropriate link below to download the relevant PDF Membership Application Form. Alternatively, you may also apply online.

  1. Application for Ordinary Membership
  2. Application for Associate Membership
  3. Application for Associate Society Membership

Once you’ve downloaded and completed the application forms, please return them for review and approval to our head office at:

Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica
5 Oxford Park Avenue
Kingston 5, Jamaica WI

Member Benefits

Among the numerous benefits of joining the IMAJ include:

  • Professional credibility in being associated with a Code of Ethics for the building industry.
  • Discount on the purchase of cement.
  • Pooling of equipment and resources.
  • Support in the settlement of disputes and wage negotiations on behalf of its members to determine wage levels for workers in the industry.
  • Professional assistance. At IMAJ’s forums, you’ll exchange best-practice methods and know-how with recognized industry leaders. IMAJ continually seeks opportunities to enhance and shape solutions for the business environment in which contractors work.
  • Recognition by the Government – IMAJ’s influence with government officials is unmatched by any other construction organization. No institution is working harder or enjoying greater success than the IMAJ at improving the industry’s image.
  • Education and Training – IMAJ offers several educational programs to help improve every aspect of your business. Through learning opportunities like our General Foreman’s Course, Project Managers Course, Seminars on Construction Claims Procurement etc. IMAJ grooms construction leaders and their workforces to outperform industry. The IMAJ also works in collaboration with HEART and others to train and certify workers in the industry.
  • Safety and Health – IMAJ is dedicated to helping its members to protect their greatest asset – their employees and is implementing comprehensive programmes in this area. IMAJ’s commitment to safety is made clear by the recent partnering agreement with Private Sector groups in this area.
  • Seminars etc.
  • Member of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica and Jamaica Employers’ Federation.