The Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica

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The Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica

The following persons served with distinction as Presidents of the Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica.

1952-55 Percy Abrahams, C.E.,F.R.I.C.S. (Dec’d.)
1955-56 H.G.N. Marley, B.Sc., M.I.C.E., A.C.G.I. (Dec’d.)
1956-57 Gladstone Sanguinetti (Dec’d.)
1957-59 O.C. Plant (Dec’d.)
1959-60 Leonard I. Chang, M.Sc., (C.E.) (Dec’d.)
1960-61 Douglas C. Orane (Dec’d.)
1961-62 H.K. Aitken, M.C. (Dec’d.)
1962-64 A.D. Scott, B.Eng. (C.I.), M.E.I.C., M.I.A.S.
1964-66 Leonard I. Chang, M.Sc., (C.E.) (Dec’d.)
1966-70 O.C. Plant (Dec’d.)
1970-75 A.J. McGregor, B.Sc. (C.E.) (Dec’d.)
1975-79 L.T.Warmington, O.D.
1979-81 E.G. Gabay (Dec’d.)
1981-83 R.A. Lake, B.Math.
1983-85 S.H. Delvaille, O.D. (Dec’d.)
1985-88 R.G. Hilton, B.Sc.
1988-91 H.U. Watson, C.Eng., M.I. Mech.E.(Dec’d.)
1991-93 P.F. Gore
1993-96 M.G.W. Housen, B.P.S.(Hons.) Const.Mgmt.
1996-01 M.R. Forbes
2001-02 C.H.S. Richards
2002-03 M.G.W. Housen, B.P.S.(Hons.) Const.Mgmt.
2003-06 D.L Mullings, B.Sc. (Civil Eng.)
2006-08 M.G. Archer, B.Sc. (Civil Eng.)
2008-11 R.H. Cooper, BSc., (Eng.) (Hons) M.B.A
2011-13 H.D Burton