The Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica

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The Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica

planzeichnenOn October 11, 1952 at 159B Orange Street, Kingston, the Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica was incorporated. At the time of its formation, there were some 13 members, nine of which comprised the Council, headed by the Association’s founder, Mr. T.A.D Smith. Other founding members included:

Mr. P.L. Abraham Mr. A. Simpson Mr. H.F. Repole
Mr. Noel Marley Mr. R.C. Hall Mr. G.E. Sanguinetti
Mr. C.J. Fox Mr. E.B. Hall

The Association has recently celebrated its 50th year and is now located at its own premises at 5 Oxford Park Avenue, Kingston 5.

The creation of the Association has brought professionalism to members of the industry and provides a forum for the industry to speak in a unified voice. Since its inception, the Association has secured benefits and implemented policies in the best interest of its members.

In keeping with the By-Laws of the Association, it has also incorporated (a) the Electrical Contractors Association of Jamaica, (b) the Jamaica Air-conditioning Refrigeration & Ventilating Association, (c) the Women’s Construction Collective and (d) the Association of Construction & Engineering Students as members of the Executive Council.